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Kyle Weatherly Enjoying Late Inning Work

Righty found success in new role in 2018

Kyle Weatherly Enjoying Late Inning Work

September 26, 2018

Photo credit: MiLB.com

Photo credit: MiLB.com


Right-handed pitcher Kyle Weatherly thrived with an increased workload in 2018.

Logging a career high in innings pitched with 87 2/3 in 36 contests; Weatherly posted a 3.70 ERA, while striking out 59, and maintaining a WHIP of 1.36 on his campaign.

A major factor to his success is the increased feel he has developed with his secondary pitches. Entering professional baseball with mostly just a 4-seam and a 2-seam fastball, Weatherly has put a continual focus on making his slider and changeup better.

“I feel my slider and changeup have developed well in pro ball,” stated Weatherly. “I came into pro ball without either, really, so to be able to use them now has brought me a bit of success, and I think that was something that really helped me in 2018.”

His efforts to sharpen his secondary pitches has really complemented his hard sinking fastball nicely.

“I really try to keep my fastball down in the zone,” explained Weatherly. “I feel my fastball really complements my slider, especially if I can get the hitter out in front of it. If that happens I can break out my slider and get them out.”

But his success in 2018 came from more than just better feel of his pitches, but also from the demands of his new role.

Performing primarily as a starter in his previous professional seasons; Weatherly made the transition to the later innings for the majority of his 2018 season.

While, Weatherly is willing to perform in any role asked of him, he goes into detail about what he likes best about relieving.

“You have to be mentally ready to go in the bullpen,” said Weatherly. “It keeps you sharper because you’re pitching more often. I feel more prepared and sharper when I’m out there. Sometimes I think it’s a bigger role, because you’re out there in the 8th or 9th inning with the game on the line, so it’s important to be ready, and I think all of those things make you better as a pitcher.”

Whether he’s starting or relieving in 2019, fans will definitely want to be on the lookout for Kyle Weatherly.