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Grant Townsend Ready to Compete in Blue Jays System

Righty put up big strikeout numbers in college

Grant Townsend Ready to Compete in Blue Jays System

June 8, 2018

Photo credit: Ben Goff

Photo credit: Ben Goff


Right-handed pitcher Grant Townsend had a great season as a relief pitcher for Oral Roberts University in 2018 leading him to a 34th round selection by the Blue Jays. Townsend, who racked up 50 K’s in 32 2/3 innings pitched; is in good position to find continued success in professional baseball moving forward.

That success comes from his ability to command his pitches. Currently using a three pitch mix of a fastball, slider, and changeup in his repertoire; Townsend discusses what he likes best about each pitch.

“My fastball ranges from 90 to 94 miles per hour with arm side run,” explained Townsend. “My slider is sharp and has a lot of depth to it. Based on it’s movement and depth it could be considered a hard slurve. My changeup is still developing, but has the potential to be nasty. At its best, it has a ton of movement to the arm side with a sharp sinking action.”

With his slider sitting in the lower 80’s, and his changeup in the mid-80’s; Townsend shouldn’t experience many issues keeping hitters off-balance in pro ball.

Achieving this by getting ahead in counts early with his fastball in college; Townsend discusses how he uses his heater to his advantage every outing.

“I work primarily off my fastball,” stated Townsend. “Up to this point it’s been the pitch I throw the most. I can use it to put hitters away late in a count, but typically I use it early and use my off-speed to put hitters away. My movement helps me to get a lot of bad contact on my fastball.”

With the feel he has for his three pitches, there’s no doubt why Townsend was extremely excited for the opportunity to extend his playing days past college baseball.

Entering professional baseball with a positive outlook, Townsend believes he can make an early impact in the Blue Jays system.

“I’m looking forward to competing against the best talent and moving up in the system,” said Townsend. “I think I have the ability to move up very quickly.”

Toronto Blue Jays fans hope Grant Townsend can do just that, too!