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Kirby Snead Solid Out of the Bullpen

Lefty found success at two levels in 2017

Kirby Snead Solid Out of the Bullpen

February 6, 2018

Photo credit: Jim Goins Photography

Photo credit: Jim Goins Photography


Left-handed pitcher Kirby Snead solidified his role in 2017.

Snead, who performs primarily as a lefty specialist out of the bullpen excelled in his 55 1/3 innings pitched, between Lansing and Dunedin last season.

Finishing his year with an impressive 1.21 WHIP, a 9.1 K/9 ratio, and eight saves was a vast improvement over his rookie-season in the organization.

Snead credits his increased success on the mound to the adjustments he made to his mental game last season.

“I kept a consistent mindset and routine last season,” explained Snead. “I made sure to never get to up or down. I just focused on learning every outing, whether it was good or bad. I also became more confident throwing to righties. I found a formula that worked at getting them out consistently.”

And getting righties out is what he did last season. Striking out 15 batters, while maintaining a 1.29 ERA against right-handers was a definite improvement over 2016.

Another contributor was Snead learning more about himself as a pitcher in pro ball, “My first full season was really fun! I learned more about myself as a pitcher than I have in a baseball season before,” stated Snead. “It was a longer season obviously compared to the previous ones I’ve had, but it felt good all-around.”

One thing that was definitely good was Snead’s command of his repertoire. Currently using a mix of a fastball, slider, and changeup; he relies more on movement, instead of velocity to find success every outing.

With that in mind, it’s important for Snead to consistently hit his spots for continued success moving forward, and that’s his plan for 2018.

“My goals for 2018 are to keep being consistent, and to keep learning and improving as a pitcher,” said Snead. “I still have some stuff to learn, so I’m just going to control what I can control and the rest will take care of itself.”

Fans will be following Kirby Snead’s development this season and for years to come.