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Connor Law Succeeded in Debut Season

Righty adjusted well to professional baseball in 2017

Connor Law Succeeded in Debut Season

November 20, 2017



Adjusting to the demands of the professional game has been an easy transition for Connor Law.

Allowing just four earned runs, and maintaining an impressive 0.99 WHIP in his 28 1/3 innings was an impressive start.

Finding success with his three pitch mix; Law uses a 4-seam fastball, changeup, and slider in his repertoire.

Staying ahead in counts by challenging hitters high in the zone with his 4-seam fastball, Law discusses how he uses his heater to his advantage every outing.

“I’ve noticed I get a lot of swiping misses when I throw up in the zone,” explained Law. “My main focus is to change the hitters eye level. I throw down either in or out and go up when I’m ahead in the count.”

Achieving what he wanted during his first professional season, Law looks back on his 2017 season with fond admiration.

“I really enjoyed my first season,” stated Law. “The guys behind me were great on and off the field and that made the whole experience that much better. The coaches I had were great with helping with development, not only as a pitcher, but as an athlete. Overall, it was a great experience and I can’t wait to get back and continue to improve.”

Preparing for professional baseball, as a student athlete at Lindenwood University in Missouri; Law describes the differences between playing college and pro ball.

“I think the biggest difference is the amount of baseball I’m around now,” said Law. “It’s almost baseball 24/7 instead of having school in-between sessions. As much as I enjoyed school, having more time for just baseball has been a nice change.”

Focused on improving every aspect of his conditioning this off-season, Law has returned home to work on his mechanics, diet, and helping local kids improve their game.

“My plans for the off-season are to workout with a large emphasis on mobility and movement,” stated Law. “The Blue Jays have a great workout program and are very big on nutrition, so focusing on those two things will prepare me well for spring training and everything after. I also plan on giving pitching lessons to local kids in my spare time.”

With all of the dedication that Connor Law puts into his craft, fans of the Toronto Blue Jays will definitely be following his development for years to come.