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Brayden Bouchey Enjoyed Pitching in Vancouver

Bouchey had a great season in his hometown

Brayden Bouchey Enjoyed Pitching in Vancouver

October 16, 2017

Photo credit: Canadian Baseball Network

Photo credit: Canadian Baseball Network

Right-handed pitcher Brayden Bouchey performed well out of the bullpen for the Vancouver Canadians last season.

Maintaining an impressive 1.07 WHIP, and holding opposing hitters to just an average of .194 against him in his 30 innings; was a promising sign that Bouchey is ready for a bigger opportunity next season.

His success on the mound comes from his ability to keep hitters guessing with his pitch repertoire. Currently using a mix of a fastball, 12-6 curveball, changeup, and slider; Bouchey discusses how he likes to use each pitch every outing.

“My curveball is definitely my standout pitch, so I mostly throw fastball and curveball,” explained Bouchey. “My changeup is my third pitch. I made tremendous strides with it this season, but it’s not as consistent as I would like it to be yet. My slider is currently a work in progress.”

Bouchey uses his unique blend of size and backspin on his fastball to keep hitters off-balance. Describing how the backspin is similar to that of his curveball, the righty is able to work off either pitch in game situations.

“I am fortunate enough to be 6’6″ so being able to throw downhill is pretty easy for me, and I also have a pretty good talent for creating very pure backspin,” stated Bouchey. “The combination of those two things makes my fastball look a lot harder than it actually is. I use my curveball to pitch off my fastball and vice versa. The appearance of the spin is very similar, as it is very tight and spins on the same axis. It allows me to tunnel my pitches out of the same spots.”

With this ability, there’s little question why Bouchey had a memorable season pitching for his hometown club.

Describing that experience in detail, Bouchey talks about pitching at Nat Bailey Stadium.

“Vancouver is something special. I wish everyone could experience playing at the Nat,” said Bouchey. “The stadium is so historic, and modern at the same time, it’s really cool. Nothing beats the fans in Vancouver, either. They are a big reason why our team had so much success in 2017. You will see bigger audiences in the minor leagues, but I’m not sure that many fanbases are as loud as the fans in Vancouver.”

Nat Bailey Stadium (CBC.ca)

While his time in Vancouver may have ended, Brayden Bouchey still has a lot to look forward to in 2018.