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Brandon Polizzi Looking to Make an Instant Impact

Late round pick has big plans for his career

Brandon Polizzi Looking to Make an Instant Impact

June 17, 2017

Brandon Polizzi will be looking to make an instant impact in the Blue Jays organization.


Known for going all out on every play, outfielder Brandon Polizzi is ready to showcase his talents on a nightly basis in professional baseball.

 In fact, it was Polizzi’s ability to give it his all in both phases of the game at any moment that made him such an intriguing draft prospect, as he has drawn constant comparables to current Blue Jays’ outfielder Kevin Pillar.

“I would describe my game as intense,” explained Polizzi. “I will give 110% in everything I do, no matter if we’re up 10 or down 10. I love making diving catches out in the outfield like Mr. Kevin Pillar and I made this one catch out in center this year that made NCAA top-10 plays and we were up by five in the 8th and as I was running in my head coach asked me why did you dive for that when we’re up by five going into the 9th? I told him that’s like telling me to not run hard to first after I hit the ball!”

That mentality can be seen in Polizzi’s all-around game as he led his Cal State Dominguez Hills team in batting average at .381, while successfully stealing 14 bases and maintaining a respectable .952 fielding percentage.

Finding his success at the plate by keeping his approach simple, Polizzi enters the box every night with just one focus – get on base.

“My approach at the plate is very simple,” stated Polizzi. “I basically just try to slow the game down and have fun. I don’t think about mechanics in the box, as I just try to keep it simple. I tell myself my job is to get on base any way I can so my teammates can drive me in. I feel I’m a hard out to get.”

Obviously, if Polizzi can climb the minor league ladder quickly he will eventually be competing for a job with Kevin Pillar, a player that not only attended the same college program as Polizzi, but a player who the young outfielder admires greatly.

“This past year before spring training Mr. Kevin Pillar came down to Dominguez for a visit,” said Polizzi. “I was just pulling up from a practice at the indoor batting cages and Kevin was there standing outside his car. I went up to him knowing who he is and we talked. He was very friendly and answered all of my questions. He asked who played in center? I said that’s me, and he said good, you’re holding it down. That meant everything to me. We continue to talk before he left shaking my hand. I can’t wait for the day that two former Toros will be patrolling the outfield at the Rogers Centre.”

Toronto Blue Jays fans hope that’ll be the case as well.