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RHP Geno Encina is Reliable Out of the Bullpen

Righty is flying under-the-radar

RHP Geno Encina is Reliable Out of the Bullpen

October 3, 2016

Geno Encina is a reliable bullpen option. (BattersBox.ca)

Geno Encina was a reliable bullpen option in 2016. (BattersBox.ca)


Currently flying under-the-radar, right-handed pitcher Geno Encina put together a solid 2016 season as he’s prepared for more opportunities on the hill next season.

Seeing all three of the Blue Jays ‘A’ affiliates last season. Encina began his year with the high-A Dunedin Blue Jays, before heading to the short season Vancouver Canadians, and eventually finishing up with the low-A Lansing Lugnuts. 

Logging 33 innings between the three clubs; Encina maintained an impressive 1.03 WHIP and a solid 1.91 ERA.  Also averaging a strikeout an inning, the righty fanned 33 batters and carried a respectable 5.5 SO/W ratio in 2016.

Encina’s success on the mound comes from his mindset. Known for never being afraid to go after hitters, the prospect goes into detail on how he approaches his business after coming into the game from the bullpen.

“I’m always on attack, never on defense,” stated Encina. “I’m going to go right after them. If I walk somebody, I’m going to come right back and get ahead of the next guy.”

Achieving great numbers from his three pitch mix; the righty uses a fastball, slider, and changeup in his repertoire.

Getting ahead in counts primarily with his fastball and changeup, Encina describes how he uses these pitches to his advantage every outing.

“I’m always looking to get ahead in counts and obviously the fastball is a good place to start,” stated Encina. “After that I focus on getting my changeup over to both lefties and righties. The changeup is key in my arsenal. But the fastball is definitely a big piece to getting ahead.”

Using the slider more as an out pitch, the righty talks about the edge his breaking ball gives him during contests.

“I like having a slider, because having that third pitch puts it in the hitter’s mind,” explained Encina. “I know I can get ahead with the fastball and changeup at anytime, so than I can throw the slider away and get some hitters to chase it.”

Hoping to find more success next season, Encina has returned back home to Texas for the off-season. Focused on preparing his arm for a bigger workload in 2017, the righty is putting in extra time at his alma mater the University of the Incarnate Word.

“I’m going to be working out at my college back home and the Blue Jays gives us a great manual to go off,” said Encina. “Hopefully I’ll be able to come back to spring training prepared to go after the off-season.”

If Encina can do just that next spring, expect the prospect to jump up another level as he continues to be tough on opposing batters every night.

Fans of the Toronto Blue Jays certainly hope Geno Encina can do just that and more in 2017.