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Blue Jays’ Class of 2014 Highlight their Draft Experiences

Blue Jays’ Class of 2014 Highlight their Draft Experiences

June 8, 2015

Ryan McBroom

Ryan McBroom was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 15th round of the 2014 Draft. (Cam Tucker/Metro)

Every baseball player dreams about the opportunity to play the sport they love at the next level. But to get that opportunity to play professional baseball is very hard and takes a lot of sacrifice from both the player and their family to achieve this lofty goal.

For the players that do get an opportunity to join a major league organization, every June through the Rule IV amateur draft. The experience is unforgettable as they patiently wait to hear their name get called by an organization that will let the player take part in their minor league system with hopes of potentially achieving the ultimate goal of playing in the big leagues one day.

Members of the Toronto Blue Jays draft class of 2014 highlighted their experiences on entering professional baseball. Some of the players knew the Blue Jays were high on them, while others had no idea that they were going to be part of the Blue Jays system. But one thing is for certain they are all thankful for the opportunity to prove themselves at the next level.


RHP Sean Reid-Foley

Selected in the 2nd round (49th overall) out of Sandalwood High School in Florida:

“Being drafted by the Blue Jays was very exciting,” stated Reid-Foley. “Instead of focusing on college I wanted to focus on a professional baseball career and the Blue Jays gave me that opportunity.”


RHP Justin Shafer

Selected in the 8th round (234th overall) out of the University of Florida:

“It was definitely a dream of mine to get drafted and have a chance to play at the next level,” said Shafer. “It really didn’t matter to me what team took me. I just wanted an opportunity to play professional baseball.”

“Entering the draft I was focused on signing instead of returning to Florida for my senior year,” Shafer added. “I wasn’t sure where I was going to get picked as I hadn’t pitched much prior to the draft. But once the Blue Jays took me in the 8th round I was ready sign.”


IF Gunnar Heidt

Selected in the 13th round (384th overall) out of the College of Charleston:

“Being drafted by the Blue Jays was a dream come true,” explained Heidt. “Obviously we play this game our whole lives dreaming of an opportunity to play professional baseball. Knowing I was given an opportunity to do just that was a dream come true for sure.”


RHP Chase Mallard

Selected in the 14th round (414th overall) out of the University of Alabama-Birmingham:

“My draft experience was very surreal and exciting,” said Mallard. “I didn’t know much about the Blue Jays. But once I got here I realized I loved the Blue Jays. I love their coaching staff and management throughout their entire organization.”


1B Ryan McBroom

Selected in the 15th round (444th overall) out of West Virginia University:

“Being selected by the Blue Jays was a special moment for my family and I. Going in a later round in 2013 I chose to go back to school for my senior year, get my degree, and finish college on a positive note,” stated McBroom. “I was able to polish up my skills during my senior year and was lucky enough to get picked up by an amazing organization like the Blue Jays.”


RHP Dusty Isaacs

Selected in the 18th round (534th overall) out of Georgia Institute of Technology:

“Being drafted by the Blue Jays was a special moment. It was something that I had put a lot of time and hard work into. It was cool to see a part of a long time dream starting to surface,” said Isaacs. “The Blue Jays were one of the teams that I had been in consistent contact with and I had developed a pretty good relationship with my regional scout. I felt good joining their organization.”


RHP Conor Fisk

Selected in the 24th round (714th overall) out of the University of Southern Mississippi:

“Being drafted by the Blue Jays was an exciting moment in my life that has given me an opportunity to continue to play the sport that I love,” said Fisk. “I honestly had no idea. I heard from a few teams before the draft, but not the Blue Jays. With that said, I’m very thankful they have given me this opportunity.”


OF Chris Carlson

Selected in the 28th round (834th overall) out of California Polytechnic State University-Pomona:

“Being drafted by the Blue Jays was really exciting. My draft experience wasn’t just exciting for me, but for my family as well,” said Carlson. “Obviously playing professional baseball isn’t an opportunity that every player gets to do. So getting a chance to do just that was really cool.”


RHP Chase Wellbrock

Selected in the 33rd round (984th overall) out of the University of Houston:

“My draft experience was a very exciting time. I was a little on edge because I didn’t know if I was going to get an opportunity in professional baseball,” recalls Wellbrock. “When I heard my name called I was ecstatic. I celebrated with family, friends, and old teammates. It was very exciting.”


LHP Michael Kraft

Selected in the 37th round (1104th overall) out of the University of Texas-San Antonio:

“Being drafted was one of the proudest moments of my life,” stated Kraft. “I wasn’t sure if I would get drafted, so hearing my name called was special for both my family and I. It was really a dream come true moment.”

“There were a couple organizations I was in touch with before the process and they all said that if I got picked it was going to be in the later rounds,” Kraft added. “I really didn’t talk to the Blue Jays too much. I met with a guy one time early in the college season and that was it. I talked to a guy from the Angels a few times and didn’t have much contact with anybody else. Heading into the draft I really thought the Angels were going to be the team that selected me. But the Blue Jays called late and picked me. I’m happy with the result.”