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Brady Dragmire Improving His Slider

The pitch will complement his two-seam fastball

Brady Dragmire Improving His Slider

May 27, 2014

Brady Dragmire (bradshawchristian.com)

Brady Dragmire (bradshawchristian.com)

At the start of every minor league season, coaches determine the improvements they want to see for every player on their team. The Lansing Lugnuts are no exception. For right-hander Brady Dragmire, pitching coach Vince Horsman wanted to see a better slider to complement his excellent 2-seam sinking fastball.

“I really like that Brady sinks his fastball,” stated Horsman. “I’m working on his slider so he’ll have that great sinker, slider combo on both sides of the plate.”

The scouting report on Dragmire is he pitches to contact for quick at-bats. Currently using four pitches, Dragmire also has a 4-seam fastball and a changeup in his repertoire. Dragmire’s best pitch is his 2-seam fastball which usually ranges from 87 to 89 miles per hour, but has reached as high as 91 at times throughout the season.

In Lansing, Dragmire is one of the Lugnuts’ best pitchers. Currently, he has a 1-3 record with a 2.57 ERA. He has 16 strikeouts and just five walks through 28 innings of work.

Dragmire spent 2013 in the Appalachian League as a member of the Bluefield Blue Jays rotation. In Bluefield, Dragmire was 3-2 with a 2.16 ERA and 40 strikeouts in 50 innings of work.

Being a former position guy helps you on the mound.

Comparing his experiences between Bluefield and Lansing, the young pitcher is excited to be in the Midwest League, as he enjoys Lansing’s stadium and atmosphere better.

“Bluefield had its up-and-downs,” explained Dragmire. “The travel and weather were nice, but the town didn’t have a lot to do. It’s a smaller town than I’m used to, but I made the most of it.”

“The stadium is a big upgrade in Lansing,” he added. “The scoreboard and giant TV screen is a huge difference and the fans here are absolutely unbelievable. When the stadium gets into the game they support us 100 percent and it makes it very fun to play here.”

Dragmire is benefiting greatly from working with Horsman and he appreciates his coach’s approach.

“Working with Vince is a blast,” Dragmire said with a smile. “Vince tells it to you straight. He doesn’t lie and he helps us get better as pitchers.”

“He helps you realize you can have fun with the game, but still get all the work done as well. Honestly, he’s just a great guy.”

Originally joining the Blue Jays’ organization in the 17th round of the 2011 MLB draft, Dragmire’s draft experience was exciting and special because he shared the day with his mother who was celebrating her birthday the same day.

“Being drafted by Toronto was exciting,” Dragmire recalls, “I had just finished my senior year of high school and I was selected on my Mom’s birthday, so it was a big day, to say the least!.”

While in high school, Dragmire had to choose between football and baseball. In fact, Dragmire had division one football programs pursuing him to play college football, but luckily for Blue Jays fans he decided he would be better off playing professional baseball.

“I really enjoyed playing football, but I felt that I would have more opportunities in baseball,” Dragmire recalls. “In the end, I felt baseball was easier on the body and I could see a longer career in baseball so I took that path.”

Dragmire also played multiple baseball positions in high school. The young prospect believes that playing shortstop or center field on non-pitching days helped him understand hitters better.

“Being a former position guy helps you on the mound,” he said. “When you’re hitting, you’ll try almost anything to get a hit, so now that I’m on the other side of things, I definitely understand their thought process when it comes to pitches in certain counts.”

Watch for Brady Dragmire as he continues to get in hitters’ minds as he climbs the Blue Jays minor league ladder.