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Whether its in the Infield or the Outfield, Chris Peters Just Wants to Play Baseball

Whether its in the Infield or the Outfield, Chris Peters Just Wants to Play Baseball

January 8, 2013

As a kid, every baseball player dreams of going professional, but few ever get the chance. Fortunately, for Lansing Lugnuts’ Infielder/Outfielder, Chris Peters, the Toronto Blue Jays made his dream a reality in 2011 when he was signed as an undrafted free agent. “It was exciting being signed by the Blue Jays. I came here to play and enjoy professional baseball, and I’ve enjoyed every minute!” he said.

Peters was signed out of the University of Cincinnati, a school, he states helped him develop into the person and player he is today. “College was fun. I am very glad I earned my degree in Business Marketing, at the very least I learned a lot and it gives me something to fall back on.”

Peters began his professional career in Florida with the GCL Blue Jays in 2011, where he batted .246 with five doubles, three triples, one home run and 17 RBIs in 42 games. “The GCL was fun but it was a learning experience. Playing day games, we had to get up early and play in the hot sun.

“Playing in the GCL really taught me a lot on how to grind through it.”

After a season in the scorching sun, Peters got a well-deserved promotion to the Bluefield Blue Jays and later to the Lansing Lugnuts the following season. In 2012 he batted .273 with nine doubles, one triple and 13 RBIs in 39 games between the two teams. “Bluefield was good. I loved playing for Dennis Holmberg, he is a great manager, players learn a lot from him,” the 24-year old Ohio native stated. “Holmberg gave me experience and made my whole year in Bluefield a monumental one. It was a lot of fun.”

“I haven’t seen a lot of Lansing, because I sleep in before coming to the ballpark, but it’s a nice little town,” Peters added, discussing his time playing for the Lugnuts. “It is fun playing in a big stadium and it gets loud on the weekends which pumps you up to play a ball game.”

Chris Peters joined the Blue Jays organization in 2010 after signing as a non-drafted free agent out of the University of Cincinnati.

Despite not seeing a lot of Michigan, Peters admitted that he is familiar with the surrounding area and the Midwest League, having grown up in Ohio. In fact, one of his favorite games playing for Lansing was a road trip to Dayton, Ohio, where he had friends and family there supporting him. “When I played in Dayton I had a couple hundred people at the game. Everywhere I looked I saw somebody I knew. It was a great experience and a dream come true,” he said.

Aside from it’s proximity to home, Peters further added another aspect of the Midwest League he enjoys – the weather. “I like playing up here and the night games. I’m still not used to that Florida heat.”

Having now finished two successful season with the Blue Jays’ organization, Peters has stated that the biggest talent he can bring is his ability to play multiple positions. In 2012, he found himself holding four different fielding positions, including shortstop, second base, third base and left field. Peters explains, “While I played shortstop all throughout college, I’ve played some second base as well. Early in my professional career, I was asked if I could play some outfield. I can now play there as well,” he said.

“I’m willing to play anywhere I am needed and help in any way I can.”