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Marcus Stroman Suspended 50 Games

Marcus Stroman Suspended 50 Games

August 28, 2012

Marcus Stroman

Blue Jays prospect Marcus Stroman has tested positive for a banned substance found in many common pre-workout supplements. (Jim R. Bounds/AP)

Manchester, NH — Toronto Blue Jays first rounder Marcus Stroman has been suspended for 50 games without pay after testing positive for the banned substance Methylhexaneamine, according to a press release on MLB.com.

Methylhexaneamine, also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine or DMAA with many brand names like Geranamine and Forthane, is classed as a prohibited stimulant by the International Weightlifting Federation and other professional organizations. The substance, according to the IWF, is increasingly being found in common pre-workout nutritional supplements designed to increase energy, help with focus in a work out, or aid weight loss. Some of these products, like USPlabs’ Jack3d or Cellucor’s C4 Extreme are easily available over the counter at common nutrition stores like GNC across the United States.

According to sports scientist Prof. Tim Noakes in an interview with Runner’s World, the illegality of Methylhexaneamine is questionable, considering that he does not feel that athletes can gain any advantage from using the substance and that it disappears from a person’s system within “24 to 36 hours”.

There’s a good chance that Stroman ingested this substance unknowingly or even knew that it was banned in the first place, but we’ll have to wait for an official comment.

Stroman, the 22nd overall pick by the Blue Jays in June, struck out 15 batters in his first 11 innings in Vancouver this season before being promoted to Double-A New Hampshire at the beginning of August. He has continued to perform well with the Fisher Cats, prompting speculation that he could join the Blue Jays when the rosters expand this weekend.

More to come.

Jared Macdonald

Jared Macdonald

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