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A Quick Chat with Newly-Traded, LHP, David Rollins

A Quick Chat with Newly-Traded, LHP, David Rollins

July 20, 2012

While he was a Blue Jay since being drafted in 2011, Rollins is now a member of the Houston Astros organization.

“I was still sleeping and didn’t even hear my phone ring,” said left-handed-pitcher, David Rollins as he explained the experience of finding out he was traded to the Houston Astros by the Blue Jays in a 10-player deal. “When I realized that my phone had rang, I checked my voice mail, and within a few minutes found out I was traded. I initial reaction was complete shock.  I first wondered if I had done something wrong.”

Rollins, however, has done nothing wrong, as since joining the Blue Jays, he has found nothing but success. In fact, in his first year with the organization, Rollins posted a 4-0 record with a 1.77 ERA in 35.2 innings pitched. He also had an incredible strikeout-to-walk ratio, striking out 29 while only walking three.

This year, Rollins joined the Lansing Lugnuts (Class A) where his success has only continued. He has posted a 6-1 record with a 2.78 ERA in 18 games started this season and has also allowed only two homeruns all season in over 77 innings pitched.

“My greatest strength is my determination on the mound. I will always go out and give it everything I have to help my team win,” he said.

Helping him help his team win this year, has been catcher, Carlos Perez, who interestingly, was also involved in the Houston Astros trade. “Perez has been great all year. He is incredibly talented. We’ve made a great duo and have always been on the same page. It would be great if we also end up on the same team with the Astros so we can continue our success together.”

Recognizing that Rollins is a native of Deberry, Texas and finished his most recent schooling at the San Jacinto College North in Houston, the young 22-year-old was asked how it felt to be moving to a team closer to home. “There is no denying that it is great to be given the opportunity to play closer to my home,” he said, adding, “But in reality, home for me has been my team. For the past two years I have played alongside some amazing players and have had some fantastic coaches. That’s what home has been for me.”

“I’m going to miss everyone.”

Without a doubt, Rollins will surely be missed within the organization as well. Though he promises to keep in touch with JaysProspects and all of his supporters. In the meantime, JaysProspects wishes Rollins the best of luck with his new team and wishes him all the best of luck in the future.

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