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Interview with Toronto Blue Jays 2012 draftee, Trey Pascazi

Interview with Toronto Blue Jays 2012 draftee, Trey Pascazi

June 13, 2012

Trey Pascazi was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 23rd round 715th overall) out of East Rochester High School

East Rochester native Trey Pascazi was writing his final high school exam when the Toronto Blue Jays called his name in the 23rd round (715th overall) of the 2012 MLB First Year Player Draft.   The 6’1” 175 pound short sto attending East Rochester High School describes how it all went down.   “I was in English class taking my final exam.  When I finished, I immediately turned my paper over and began watching the live draft tracker on my phone, off of Twitter.”  Once Pascazi saw his name show up on the draft tracker, the euphoria that only few are able to experience, kicked in.  “When I saw my name come up I immediately got the ultimate feeling that my dream had come true and my life was changing instantly.”

Pascazi had ups and downs in his final playing year at East Rochester High School.  “It was not my best of all years but definitely an unforgettable year for other reasons,” he explains.  “I didn’t play as well as truly expected, but I couldn’t do much about it because I was walked at least twice a game.”  Pascazi was able to overcome the frustrations and enjoy the experience.   “Overall my last year was fun and I had a great time playing with a great group of kids and three very good coaches.  Winning our second sectional title in a row was a great feeling.”

When asked about his baseball skill set, Pascazi noted, “what stood out the most that scouts noticed was my speed and fielding.  I stole 49 bases this year and that was huge.”  Three summers ago, Pascazi made the decision to become a switch hitter, and the adjustment he says has gone well.  “I am dominant eyed with my left eye and do mostly everything with my left side so it took a lot of work but I soon got into the rhythm of hitting switch.”  He’s currently working on improving his left-handed hitting and states that he plans to “take double the reps left than I do right to make sure my swing is solid both ways.”

As a baseball player in his final year of high school, Pascazi not only had MLB scouts watching him, but colleges were trying to recruit him for their baseball programs.  When asked about which schools were interested in him, Trey said “I had a few colleges looking at me such as the University of Buffalo, University of Miami, and a few junior colleges down south.”   Ultimately, Pascazi verbally committed to Monroe Community College, a local college in Rochester, New York; however, the number one plan for Trey was to “do whatever I can to get drafted.”  As a fall back if he didn’t get drafted, Pascazi would have gone to college to study psychology, play baseball, and try to get drafted out of college.

Pascazi wasn’t the only East Rochester native to be drafted by the Blue Jays in the 2012 draft.  Pittsford Sutherland High School’s Grant Heyman was drafted in the 11th round (which you can read his interview with JaysProspects here).   Pittsford Sutherland High School is a mere four kilometres away from Pascazi’s East Rochester High School.  When asked if he knew Heyman,  Pascazi said, “I have never played against him but we have been to a workout together and I got to know him.  He’s a great, down to earth guy and we get along well.”

Growing up in a small town where he describes the size of it as “one mile going in all directions,” Pascazi enjoyed the closeness of the community and his network of family and friends.  “My friends and family have been great and very supportive.”  He also has many people to thank for his successes.  “I owe a special thanks to my grandfather and uncle who have helped train me since I was three years old.  I’d like to thank all my coaches and instructors that have taught me many things that helped me, and my very close friends who have always been there supporting me and helping me with even the smallest of things.”

Pascazi has talked to the Blue Jays and will be signing on June 25th.  He was also told that he will start his professional baseball career with the Gulf Coast League Blue Jays.

Trey Pascazi Fun Facts

Favourite Pre-Game meal: Jim Beam sunflower seeds
Favourite Band/Recording Artist:
Wisin y Yandel
Favourite sport to watch outside of baseball:
Snowboarding/any action sport
Biggest moment in your baseball career so far:  
Being the 23rd pick for the Blue Jays
Favourite video game:
:  Gears of War/Call of Duty/Left for Dead
Favourite movie:
 The Ringer
If you weren’t playing baseball you would:
Hanging out with my good friends Rachel and Josh

JaysProspects wishes Trey Pascazi the best of luck in his future and thanks him kindly for his time.