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140 Characters with… Justin Nicolino

140 Characters with… Justin Nicolino

November 3, 2011

With baseball officially in the off-season, thoughts now turn towards the prospects, and specifically, where they will rank on their teams’ “Top 30” list.  

Justin Nicolino made a strong case in 2011 to be at the top of the deep starting pitching heap for the Jays.  The Orlando native was gracious (and brave) enough to participate in this edition of “140 characters with…..”. 

For the first time reader, the “140” is an interview that has no rules except that question and answers need to be contained to Twitter Direct Messages, so thus, to 140 characters or less.   

It was a joy to exchange messages with Nicolino, and we here at @JaysProspects can’t thank him enough for his time.

Justin, thanks for taking the time to do a “140 characters” with me. We here at @JaysProspects are big fans. You ready to do this?

@J_Nicolino22: Always!

@DougPlourd: Baseball America ranked you as the #1 prospect in the Northwest League this year. What was your reaction to such high praise?

@J_Nicolino22: I was very proud for sure. But it was even more humbling because the league is full of a lot more college guys.

@DougPlourd: You have admitted to being an avid hat collector. What hat are you wearing right now? And do you have a favorite or “go to” hat?

@J_Nicolino22: The hat I’m wearing right now would be my LSU hat and my go to hat is my Van City hat!

@DougPlourd: I’ve asked this of a few of you. 2014, rotation of Ricky Romero, You, Deck [McGuire], Noah [Syndergaard] and Henderson Alverez. How many games do the Jays win?

@J_Nicolino22: Ha that would be a sweet rotation. I would love to be there in 2014. I’d have to say at least a hundred, maybe more. With that rotation, lots of variety.

@DougPlourd: What advice would you offer to [Kevin] Comer and [Daniel] Norris going into their first season as pro’s next year?

@J_Nicolino22 I would just tell them to be ready for that sevem-month grind and to do just what they love to do, giving it everything they’ve got.

@DougPlourd: What actor plays Justin Nicolino in “the Justin Nicolino Story”?

@J_Nicolino22: Oh jeez! I’d wanna say Will Ferrell!

@DougPlourd: You share a birthday with Scarlett Johansson. Do you think that’s the icebreaker to get a date with her?

@J_Nicolino22: I think it’s an icebreaker just to say hi to her and have a short conversation. Ha

@DougPlourd: Steak, chicken or fish?

@J_Nicolino22: Steak

@DougPlourd: Pick one pitch and its yours: Verlander’s heater, Gooden’s hammer curve, Strasburg’s change or Wakefield’s knuckler.


If Nicolino could have one pitch, he’d choose Justin Verlander’s fastball (photo credit: Whitecap Wendy)

@J_Nicolino22: Verlander’s heater; Gotta establish the fastball!

@DougPlourd: Who is the one artist/band on your ipod you can’t live without?

@J_Nicolino22: Drake or Zack Brown Band

@DougPlourd: Good source tells me you can really dance in the clubhouse. Tell us about your moves.

@J_Nicolino22: Haha it’s really nothing special; Just me being me having a good time.

@DougPlourd: You are told you are being called up to the Show. Who is the first person you are calling to tell the news?

@J_Nicolino22: My parents

@DougPlourd: You can invite three current MLBers for dinner tomorrow, who’s coming?

@J_Nicolino22: Cliff Lee, Doc Halladay, and Josh Hamilton

@DougPlourd: Growing up in Florida, do you consider yourself a Tim Tebow fan?

@J_Nicolino22: Definitely, that’s someone you could always look up too!

@DougPlourd: What is the one thing you are looking forward to the most this off season?

@J_Nicolino22: Spending time with family and friends. And working out at the complex until Spring Training.

@DougPlourd: Tell me about your relationship with the Bichettes

@J_Nicolino22: I’m very close with them! They are basically like a second family, they’d do anything for me; they are the greatest people.

@DougPlourd: Is Dante Sr. a better bowler than he was a homerun hitter?

@J_Nicolino22: I think his game was hitting tanks for a living! Haha

@DougPlourd: Ok, so we end off with the 3up-3down trivia challenge. Your category is Disney World Properties. Please, no Google cheating! Ready?

@J_Nicolino22: Okay!

@DougPlourd: #1: When entering the world showcase @epcot, you can start in Mexico on one side. What country is the gateway on the other side?

@J_Nicolino22: Ireland I think… I was just there last week. Actually no, it’s Canada!

@DougPlourd: Yes! Canada is correct!

@DougPlourd: #2: What band is featured on the MGM/Hollywood studios Rockin Rollercoaster ride?

@J_Nicolino22: Aerosmith

@DougPlourd: The man is on a roll!

@DougPlourd: #3: For a perfect score, what is the fastest ride in all of the Walt Disney World parks?

@J_Nicolino22: Fast track or test track at Epcot!

@DougPlourd: We have our first perfect score! Nice job!

Previous Scores:
@BryanLongpre: 1/3
@DeckMcguire: 2/3
@NoahSyndergaard: 1.5/ 3

@dougplourd: Justin, this has been a blast, thanks so much for the time!
Have a tremendous off season, work hard, have a great birthday, and get ready for #beastmode 2012.

@J_Nicolino22: I appreciate it very much! Thanks for the fun and the interview! Have a great holiday and a happy new year!

@DougPlourd: Thanks, and the same to you and your family as well.

JaysProspects kindly thanks Justin Nicolino for his time.