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Interview with Kenny Wilson: Behind the Scenes of his Rehab

Interview with Kenny Wilson: Behind the Scenes of his Rehab

August 24, 2011

Kenny Wilson was a Blue Jays second round pick back in the 2008 draft (63rd overall) out of Sickles High School. He was a University of Florida recruit but opted to sign with the Blue Jays for a reported $644k signing bonus on June 10, 2008.

The Sickles High standout was most known for his blazing speed and over the top athleticism. In his Junior year, Wilson hit .389 and drove in 13 runs while scoring 21 and stealing 15 bases only being caught twice. He then went on to top that in his Senior year hitting .400 scoring 37 runs and stealing 26 bases being only caught once! Kenny is currently rehabbing after a season-ending shoulder surgery.

First off, how is your rehab going, since the shoulder surgery?

Kenny Wilson: Rehab is going great. I’m almost back to my full range of motion.

What is the biggest downside to being in rehab?

Kenny Wilson: Not being able to go to the ballpark everyday and compete and play the game I love, not to mention my teammates I really miss those guys!

What was it like for you being drafted by the Blue Jays back in 2008?

Kenny Wilson: It was surreal! I’ve always dreamt of being in that moment and for it to actually happen was an experience I’ll never forget.

Prior to signing were you committed to a college or university? If so which one?

Kenny Wilson: I was actually, I was going to the University of Florida, CHOMP CHOMP!

What is the biggest adjustment you had to make since turning pro, coming from playing high school baseball?

Kenny Wilson: I’d say the biggest adjustment is coming to the field everyday and competing everyday. It’s a challenge, because not everyday is going to be your day and when it’s not you have to learn how to fight through that, to where in high school you maybe play 3 times a week so you have to time to think about the mistakes you’ve made.

How have you changed since becoming a professional baseball player?

Kenny Wilson: I think I’ve become a lot stronger mentally, because this game will wear you out if you let it.

Who would you give credit to the most for getting you to this point in your career?

Kenny Wilson: I’d say everyone in the Blue Jays organization. There all great people on and off the field and they love to work with you so that you can play to the best of your ability.  I’d also like to say my Dad because he’s always there for me when I need him.

What do you usually do in the off-season to prepare for next season?

Kenny Wilson: RUN RUN AND RUN! LOL… Lift weights, hit and do defensive drills, anything to help me for the next season… Oh yeah and EAT!

Who was your favourite team/player growing up?

Kenny Wilson: Ken Griffey Jr. no question! Everything he did was great.  As far as teams go, I never really had a favorite, I mostly just watched whatever games came on TV.

If you could pick one player that you model yourself after, who would it be?

Kenny Wilson: I’d have to say Brandon Phillips because not only is he a great ballplayer he loves having fun doing it and i think that’s real important.

If you couldn’t play ball, what would you want to do?

Kenny Wilson: Most people don’t know this but I’d probably join Law Enforcement of some kind.

JaysProspects would just like to thank Kenny for the time and effort he put into answering the questions and wish him luck throughout his rehab process getting back to play next season.