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140 Characters with @BryanLongpre

140 Characters with @BryanLongpre

August 9, 2011

Because we have so many fantastic writers here on the site that are a lot more qualified than me to do interviews, I decided to try and put my own spin on a Q and A.  Thus, the “140 characters” concept was born.  Essentially, the conversations will take place via a Twitter Direct Message, which of course, are limited to 140 or less characters. 

They may take an hour, they may take a few days, but if you have read me in the past, you know that they won’t be your typical questions…..and hopefully will evoke fun answers.   Each interview will conclude with the “3 up and 3 down” trivia quiz, which will be centered around one topic specific to the interviewee. Got all that?

It was my great privilege and joy that Vancouver Canadian’s reliever Bryan Longpre agreed to be the initial “guinea pig” for this grand experiment.   We went back and forth on DM for the better part of a day, and at the end of it, not only do I feel like I learned a lot about him as a player, but even more so as a person.  He was a tremendous sport throughout (he probably was shaking his head after receiving HALF of these questions) and he now has a fan for life.  Stay tuned, as this is about the equivalent of an appetizer, as Bryan will do a more “traditional” interview with @JaysProspects in the upcoming weeks.

@dougplourd – Hey Bryan, thanks again for doing this goofy interview!  I am going to start the questions, ok?
@bryanlongpre – No problem, fire away.

@dougplourd – Growing up in California, were you more a fan of going to the ballpark, or going to the beach?
@bryanlongpre – I love the beach, and I definitely spent a lot of time there as a kid, but I would have to say the ballpark was my favorite place growing up.

@dougplourd – Who plays Bryan Longpre in the feature film about your life
@bryanlongpre – Based just on looks, I’d go with a young Robert Downy Jr. I’m always told I look just like him with short hair.

@dougplourd – Your curveball, by all accounts, is a hammer.  Would you trade it for Verlander’s fastball?
@bryanlongpre – Tough Call! I have to go with the Verlander fastball though.  It’s just too good to pass up, but it would be a tough sacrifice.

@dougplourd – More acceptable “I don’t know this guys name” greeting: “dude” or “bro”?
@bryanlongpre – Neither. I’m an avid user of “brother”.  So they will probably get a “hey….(can’t remember your name) brother!”  Or a classic “hey….you!”

@dougplourd – If you could only have one band/singer in your iPod, who would it be
@bryanlongpre – I’m a huge Foo Fighters fan. Dave Grohl already dominates most of my iPod.

@dougplourd –  “The day I get called up to the big leagues, the first call I make will be to…”@
– Without a doubt to my Mom and Dad.  My family has been there for me through everything and I wouldn’t be here without all their support.

@dougplourd – Have you ever googled “Tim Horton” to find out who he really is
@bryanlongpre – I didn’t until just now! I’m glad I did, because I see the chain all over Vancouver and I was a little curious.

@dougplourd – You turned 24 on July 13th (happy birthday!) Any cool gifts
@bryanlongpre – It was the best birthday gift yet.  I earned my first save of the year, my fiancée was in town visiting, and my parents were on their way.

(doug’s note – if THAT right there doesn’t make you want to root for this guy…..)

@dougplourd – 2 more, then trivia time!  Past or present celebrities, 3 people you would invite for a dinner party?
@bryanlongpre – Ghandi. Jackie Robinson. Nolan Ryan.

(Doug’s note – I can SO picture the conversation.  Nolan (to Ghandi) – Tell me more about the Indian Independence Movement.  Ghandi – No Nolan, you tell ME about giving Robin Ventura a noogie.)

@dougplourd – Who is the one guy in the Jays system that you look at and say “He has IT”?
@bryanlongpre – Justin Nicolino and Noah Syndergaard.  Justin is a fierce competitor with electric stuff. His focus and mound presence are incredible.  Noah is an extremely hard worker with a passionate drive to succeed.  He is only 18 and gets better every single day.  These two have IT and more.

(doug’s note – he extended the 140 to 280 characters….seriously, it was about 45 minutes after the game was over, I’ll cut him slack)

3 up and 3 down – A trivia challenge for the interviewee! Today’s topic?Bryan’s High School

@dougplourd – You went to school at Crescenta Valley High in California.  What local channel was the school television station on?
@bryanlongpre – I have NO idea! It’s been a long time since I have seen CVTV.  I’m going to guess channel 2?
@dougplourd oh, sorry, it’s actually 21!

 @dougplourd Question 2: name the CV alumni who sings the theme song to the CW Network TV show “Shedding for the Wedding”
@bryanlongpre – Can I phone a friend>  I think I am 0-2 here. I haven’t seen the show and whoever it is definitely didn’t go to school with me!
@dougplourd HA! Yes, much younger than you, her name is Tinashe. 

@dougplourd Name the CV grad in the Angels system, what team is he on, and what league
@bryanlongpre – My friend and former Crescenta Valley teammate, Trevor Bell, Triple-A with the Salt Lake City Bees in the Pacific Coast League.
@dougplourd – YES!!!!!

@dougplourd Bryan, seriously, can not thank you enough for doing this. I hope you had some fun with it, because I certainly it.
@bryanlongpre – Thanks Doug, glad to any time! Hope to keep in touch with you throughout this crazy minor league journey.