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Interview with Matt Dean: Toronto Blue Jays’ 13th Round Pick

Interview with Matt Dean: Toronto Blue Jays’ 13th Round Pick

July 28, 2011

Third baseman, Matt Dean, was selected in the 13th round pick (409th overall) in the 2011 MLB Amateur Draft out of The Colony High School (TX). His baseball career in high school was impressive as he racked up many awards, including, All District Newcomer of the Year, All District Defensive Player of the Year, and All District Offensive MVP in his final two years of high school. He also played in the AFLAC all American game in 2010. To find out more about the newest Blue Jays signee, Matt Dean sat down with JaysProspects to answer a few questions.

What was the draft experience like for you? And who did you celebrate with when your name was called?

Matt Dean: Great experience. It was fun and I was glad I was able experience it. Celebrated with the family though.
How did you find out that you had been drafted? Did the Blue Jays call you?

Matt Dean: I was listening to it on the Internet when I heard my name called and I was at a friends house.

How happy were you to hear your name called by the Blue Jays?

Matt Dean: It was exciting. I’m glad to be blessed enough to hear my name called by them.

Did the Blue Jays give you any prior indication that they were interested?

Matt Dean: Honestly I had no clue it was kinda just wait and see if your names called.

Who are your greatest influences in the game of baseball?

Matt Dean: I like playing like Derek Jeter cause he plays the game hard and he’s humble. my father has a great experience on me as well.

Are you committed to a college? If so which college?

Matt Dean: Signed to play at the University of Texas.

Are you excited about all the hype of the draft now that it’s becoming bigger world wide? Or is it kind of intimidating?

Matt Dean: I’m excited. I want to start my career but if the draft doesn’t work out Texas has a great tradition and program I’d like to join.

With the rumoured changing of CBA coming soon and it’s said to be stricter slotted bonuses does this affect your decision on signing sooner than later?

Matt Dean: Not really. The money will be made later on down the road so I feel like if I have the opportunity I’ll be fine.

Could you describe the type of game that you play for the fans?

Matt Dean: I like playing hard. I don’t like people knowing if I’m happy or sad when I play. Just stay level the whole game.

In terms of developing as a player, what are your goals for the rest of this season and potentially further on?

Matt Dean: Depending what position I end of playing getting better there and just getting better as a player. You can never be to good.

Do you play any other sports?

Matt Dean: I use to play basketball and football but gave it up for baseball.

As we all know, baseball players are superstitious, do you have any superstitions?

Matt Dean: Absolutely. Depending on what I did the day before determines that. I usually have a little toy in my back pocket when I play.