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Trevor Schwecke Finding Success with New Approach

Trevor Schwecke Finding Success with New Approach

April 27, 2022

Photo credit: milb.com

Prospect Trevor Schwecke is finding success in the batter’s box in the early stages of the 2022 season.

Schwecke, who is currently slashing .313/.405/.625 with an OPS of 1.030 after 32 at-bats; with High-A Vancouver credits his mentality and perspective at the plate to his hot start in 2022.

“I created a new perspective and mentality with my approach at the plate,” explained Schwecke. “Especially my first season with Vancouver I was really pressing and trying to do too much. I think that’s why in the second half of the 2019 season I fell off a little bit. I think this year I’m staying comfortable at the plate. I’m trusting my off-season preparation. I have an open mind and I basically have a screw it mentality. I’m going up there to compete and live in the moment.”

Schwecke’s mentality is transitioning to more production at the plate, too. With a double and three home runs in April; the prospect says that he strives to hit line drives more than home runs.

“A lot of the home runs I hit aren’t intentional,” Schwecke added. “I’m a little bit old school in the fact that I try to hit head high line drives throughout the rest of the field. If I continue to do that during BP and my cage setting and I try to create a launch of 10 to 15 degrees over the pitcher’s head, I know it’ll translate to a little higher launch during the game.”

Schwecke is also playing a new position this season. Being asked to play games in the outfield during spring training has been a welcomed change for the versatile prospect.

“The Blue Jays asked me to play in the outfield this spring,” said Schwecke. “I said if I’m going to get at-bats I don’t care where I’m playing, because I know how versatile I am. I know I can trust my instincts and my baseball IQ to be able to bounce around the field and be successful at any position I go to.”

Be sure to follow Trevor Schwecke’s 2022 season, as he continues to find success with his new approach, and his new position.